199 Favourite Bible Verses for Mothers is a handy collection of favourite Bible verses to sustain mothers during their years of child rearing. Raising children can be challenging, and that is why this little book is organized thematically around topics such as forgiveness, fear, hope, honesty, compassion, relationships and more.
This handy sized book filled with wisdom from the Bible and inspirational quotes from the wise among us, fits neatly into a purse or changing bag, ready to be retrieved in moments where a mom needs to hear from God.
Add this little book to your baby shower gift or Mother’s Day gift or keep a couple handy to hand to mothers who need strength from above.
A presentation page is included to add a note when this gift book with its 199 Favourite Bible Verses for Mothers is given as a gift.
Size: 7″ x 4″ x 0.4″ (178 x 102 x 10mm)
199 handpicked verses and quotes
One-colour inside
128 Pages