Alexander Whyte (1836-1921) is best known for his books on Bible Characters. A leading Scottish Churchman of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries it is only to be expected that he turned his mind to the Shorter Catechism – that summary of Christian doctrine that was taught in schools and homes across Scotland and throughout the world. In a question and answer format the Shorter Catechism was written with uneducated layman in mind. Simple, direct and brief it was memorised by millions of people from all backgrounds. Its spiritual value has been proved again and again as it provides a base of solid Christian teaching that has stood the test of time. This exposition is a treasure, as it adds some background and some explanation to the brevity that is obviously necessary in a catechism. Quoting from a wide range of Reformed and Puritan authors, Whyte provides useful application and illustrations that help illuminate the answers and will help us apply them to our lives.