A 365 devotional that encourages women to live all out for Jesus in the midst of their busy lives. Jesus gave us the greatest love of all. We are called not just to keep it to ourselves, but to overflow with that love to others. But how can we really do that in the busyness of our lives? In these daily devotions, women from many walks of life share insights on scripture and practical life lessons to gently encourage you to live for Jesus, and to be more like him in your thoughts, character, and actions. Discover godly wisdom that will help you navigate the world as a Christian woman and live out God’s unique purpose for your life.

‘Knowledge and ideas come swirling around us through thousands of images every single day. But real WISDOM is hard to find. And that’s what makes this collection of devotionals so very good. Both inspirational and practical – they are wise counsel from women who have practised what they share. The result is wisdom. Read, consider, and practise these devotionals and you’ll find rest for your soul.’ Danielle Strickland, Author & Advocate

‘From the moment I read the first page I was captivated; every Scripture was familiar and I could identify with a personal experience of almost each incident described – a spiritually stimulating book, highly recommended!’ Charles Whitehead, KSG, an international speaker and author

‘Fiona Castle and her wonderful group of friends have pooled their thoughts on all their years of travelling through the gauntlet of modern-day life – the worry, the laughter, the pain, the fulfilment, the fear and the fight, the joy and the divine pleasure of loving and living. And what they’ve discovered along the way is that all the knowledge they’ll ever need about human nature is to be found in the ancient wise words of the Bible. Love God. Love one another. Be a channel of God’s love on earth, now and always. Amen to that.’ Pam Rhodes