Meet twelve incredible women from Nepal whose lives have been transformed by God.

Nepali women are among the most dispossessed and downtrodden in the world. Thanks to traditional customs and religious rituals, many face ordeals unimaginable to those living in the West.

Anna Townsend invites you to meet twelve women and discover their astounding stories. Among them is Kopisha, whose infant daughter died due to the neglect of her own family, Suki, the mother of a human trafficking victim, and Maria, forced to marry her rapist.

Poignant, shocking, but ultimately inspirational, you will be encouraged to see how God is at work in these women, changing their lives and giving them a more hopeful future.

‘A must-read for anyone wanting to understand more of the situation, status and cultural treatment of women in Nepal, even today in the twenty-first century. You will find stories of the amazing courage, inner strength and endurance that these women show in facing incredibly difficult situations, including the added hardship and stigma of contracting leprosy. We also see the power of the gospel and healing love of Christ reaching to them, mainly through God’s Nepali servants, but foreigners too, who specifically believe they are called to serve leprosy sufferers in Nepal. We see the Nepali church that accepts them as brothers and sisters in Christ just as they are. I learnt new things about the negative, oppressive, unjust culture towards women in Nepal that I hadn’t known before. An inspiring, moving book that challenges us to pray for and work for justice and change for all the women of Nepal.’ ~ Peter Bisset, missionary with International Nepal Fellowship for 35 years