Marriage is a beautiful expression of love. Yet it can also sometimes cause us pain. We need God’s help and grace to navigate this most precious of relationships well. Interwoven with biblical teaching and practical application, Claire and Steve Musters honestly share their own story of rebuilding a marriage after loneliness, betrayal and separation as well as telling the stories of other couples who have faced specific challenges such as infertility, physical and mental ill health.

Whether you want to lay good foundations in your marriage, or feel you are struggling and need help, Grace-Filled Marriage will encourage you that God has a new portion of grace and mercy for you each day.

Content Benefits: This refreshingly honest look at marriage will remind you that God is with you through all the ups and downs of married life and will provide you with practical ways to build up and renew your relationship.

An honest look at the fact that marriage is hard and a happy ever after ending needs commitment and give and take on both sides. The authors share some of the lessons they have learnt from personal experience of working through an affair and separation in their own marriage.

Biblical teaching on marriage, forgiveness and grace – practical questions for couples to ponder, reflect and action are included so readers can move forward in their relationship.

Explores how the picture of marriage is ultimately a picture of grace and redemption through Christ. Suitable for anyone who wants to lay good foundations in their marriage. Helpful for anyone who is struggling in their marriage for whatever reason.

Ideal to give to engaged couples, those on marriage preparation courses or marriage counselling courses, and newlyweds.