We are busy and constantly bombarded. Notifications, pings, alerts: we carry in our pockets devices that are designed to capture and keep our attention. We are never fully present, always thinking ahead to the next thing, distracted by an email, playing worries over in our minds. But what effect is this having on our lives, relationships and, most importantly, our spiritual health?

We need rest – the rest that only Christ can give. But this book is not simply meant to get you off your phone, make more time to stop, or help you simplify and digitally detox. Instead, you are invited into the greatest life imaginable, where we have the openness to be interrupted by God and used in a way that will bring Him glory.

At the end of each chapter, Thomas encourages us to take time to ponder and pray – or Selah – and gives us guiding questions to consider. A challenging read for anyone who feels overwhelmed by all that calls on their attention and for those who long for peace.