Left To Their Own Devices


Confident Parenting in a World of Screens



How do I connect with my fifteen-year-old whose phone needs to be surgically removed from her hand?  “How do I stop my five-year-old from throwing an iPaddy when screen time is over?  “How do I help my child to stay safe online?  “Ten years ago, we didn’t need to ask these questions. But today these questions are very real. And we need answers. Katharine Hill explores the impact of the digital world on teenagers and younger children, giving practical advice on screen time, social media, and consumer culture as well as how to tackle some of the more serious issues such as cyberbullying, grooming and pornography. Whether you are cradling a new born or riding the rollercoaster of the teenage years, a stranger to Snapchat or have 500 followers on Twitter, this book is for mums and dads who not only want to ‘cope’ with bringing up children in the world of digital technology but to be on the front foot – confidently parenting in a world of screens.

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