On the Way is a great teaching resource which provides lessons for Sunday School that focus on the Bible.
The lessons include reproducible pages that can be used to build lots of crafts that go along with the Bible story. The notes for the teacher include great background information that truly enriches understanding of the Bible passage. There are suggestions for visual aids that the teacher makes and ideas for activities.
Book 1 lessons include: Creation, Abraham & Jacob
Book 2 The Christmas Story & Miracles of Jesus
Book 3 out of stock
Book 4 Joseph, Job & Moses
Book 5 Journey to the Promised Land, Joshua & Gideon
Book 6 Samson, Ruth, Samuel and Saul
Book 7 The Christmas Story, Preparation for Service, & the Promised Messiah
Book 8 Gospel parables, The Easter Story & Parables on the Second Coming
Book 9 David & Solomon
Book 10 Out of Stock
Book 11 Out of Stock
Book 12 Heavenly Messengers, Jesus Helps & Parables of the Kingdom
Book 13 Parables of the Vineyards, Jesus our Redeemer, The Early Church & Paul and the Spread of the Gospel
Book 14 Kings, Daniel, Esther & Nehemiah