Ann Benton is a graduate in Developmental Psychology and has been involved in schools both as a teacher and chair of governors. She and her husband John have raised four children. Ann is the author of a number of successful books dealing with family issues and frequently speaks at conferences and runs parenting courses. She lives in Guildford, Surrey, where John has been pastor of Chertsey St Baptist Church for over thirty years.

‘There are many books on parenting by self–appointed experts who give us a bucketful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Ann Benton’s parenting book is different. It is full of not just home truths but biblical truths. It is a handbook in the mode of a manual helping parents to work through what it means to be biblical parents and what to watch out for along the way. . . . Ann has done a service for us all by putting firmly down on paper the standard of God’s infallible word against the secularist tide which washes into our family life. It is a gritty, real, honest and above all truthful book which points us to the best parent of all – Our Father God.’ – David Burrowes, MP

‘Ann Benton’s Parenting Against the Tide is simply superb. Here is a book that equips Christian parents to be careful, wise, and God–honouring in doing what is best both for their children and for their homes, more broadly . . . . This well–written, inspiring, practical, and winsome book will help parents sort through the muddled confusion they face. We highly recommend this parenting book, one of the best we have read.’ – Bruce and Jodi Ware, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

‘This book brilliantly punctures many of the current orthodoxies surrounding children and parenting. Ann Benton shows that as we set out to please God in fulfilling our role as parents, that is the surest road to joy in family life. Each chapter is full of biblical wisdom and common sense.’ – Dr Sharon James, author and conference speaker.