Remember the Sabbath Day


Is the Lord’s Day Still Relevant in the twenty first Century?



George MacAskill
Stephen McCollum
Paul Murray
Greg MacDonald
Malcolm Macleod
Alasdair J. Macleod
Iain Smith and Andrew W.F Coghill

From the introduction by Rev. George MacAskill:
Is ‘The Lord’s Day’ still relevant in the twenty-first century?
Everybody knows that Christianity has something to do with the Ten Commandments.
But are there only nine commandments nowadays?
Is there one that is no longer required?
The Fourth Commandment to ‘keep the Sabbath Day’ is not an ‘optional extra’ for enthusiasts—it was there between the Third Commandment and the Fifth Commandment from the moment God engraved them on tablets of stone.
It is vitally important for Christians to grasp that the Law of God is for all nations and all times.
If you have difficulty appreciating the necessity of Sabbath observance in the New Testament era, you should find this book very helpful.
There is much in it that addresses the issue of its necessity and benefit; of clarity regarding what is required of us on this day; and how best we can enjoy the day and benefit from adhering to its claims.

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