The Protestant Reformation had redrawn the map of the Christian world. Now the Church sought to take the hope of the Christian Gospel where it had not been before.

The nearly three centuries covered in this volume give us a picture of the incredible energy and great expansion of the Church throughout the world, and the people who led the way through a variety of abilities that God gave them. Harry Hosier, William Wilberforce, Emilie Mallet, and Sojourner Truth took bold stands against wrongdoing and injustice. Cyril Lucaris, John Owen, John Bunyan, and David Brainerd suffered well as they faithfully shared the goodness of Christ. Great preachers arose in the form of Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and Charles Spurgeon, all of whom communicated the Gospel with clarity and passion. And God stirred the hearts of missionaries like Robert Moffat, Hudson Taylor, and Dwight Moody to offer hope in Christ to those who were walking in spiritual darkness.

The result was a Church that, by the end of this era, had expanded to lands previously unreached, bringing glory to the Lord who continued to guide His Church.

The Risen Hope series is a narrative–driven history of the Church. Introducing key people and events from the last two thousand years, readers will be captivated by the fascinating stories and engaging writing style. Risen Hope replaces the out–of–print History Lives series.