When Edith was stillborn without warning, the authors were both stunned and confused. Where should they turn for help? Who would answer their burning questions?

One in in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage; one in 200 in stillbirth. And yet, while the church offers resources to cope with suffering more generally, there is often an echoing silence when it comes to the trauma of baby loss. ‘When we lost our daughter Edith, say the authors, ‘it was painful indeed to find the lack of biblically rooted and pastorally sensitive resources.’

Nothing really hit the mark, so, though tears, they wrote their own book. This little volume comes to you, or to someone close to you, with a massive hug. It is Jonny and Joanna’s passion and prayer that you will be amazed by our great God as you connect with deep biblical truths bringing healing to your heart, mind and soul.