The powerful autobiography of a gambler, drug addict and dealer who turned to God and found the freedom and hope to rebuild his life.

Rod Williams grew up in a loving family, with a policeman for a father. Yet his story shows that addiction is no respecter of persons and can strike at the heart of any family with devastating effects.

Rod’s drug addiction began at college and quickly moved from cannabis to Ecstasy and eventually heroin and crack cocaine. He soon became heavily involved in dealing drugs and gambling in order to finance his drugs habit. Although he was pursuing a lifestyle that promised money, pleasure, power and popularity, it eventually left him feeling broken and lost. Following an attempt to import class A drugs onto the island of Guernsey, Rod finally ended up in prison. At rock bottom and in desperation, he turned to God in his prison cell and began his journey to freedom from his addictions.

In this gripping account, Rod relates how he found ‘the real deal’ which rescued him from his destructive lifestyle to begin a journey of fulfilment and freedom. He is now determined to help others find the same release.

The Real Deal also includes moving accounts of the effects of Rod’s choices from his police officer father, prison officer sister, and his fellow addicts.