Can we really believe everything that exists has come from nothing without a designer? It has been said that, because there is a law such as gravity, the universe will create itself from nothing. But we may reasonably ask, ‘Where did this law of gravity come from?’

Prompted by hearing Professor Richard Dawkins say, in a public lecture in 2006, that the universe was made out of ‘nearly nothing’, and then insist there had to be ‘something’ there to start with, The Something Delusion was born.

Nigel Jones, a retired surgeon, explains his own journey of understanding of the origins and nature of man and the destiny of all mankind. He addresses the much-asked philosophical question, ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ His life story is interwoven with insights gained from science and the humanities, leading him to understand that there has to be a designer of the universe. Something or nothing cannot do the job!


Nigel Jones qualified as a doctor at Guy’s Hospital Medical School in 1971. He married Liz, a fellow medical student, in 1970. They have three daughters and nine grandchildren. He trained as a general surgeon and worked in the NHS for thirty-eight years and then taught medical ethics for ten years. He is a member of Welbeck Road Evangelical Church, Newcastle upon Tyne, and has been involved with youth work for many years with both Crusaders and United Beach Missions. The scientific teaching he received in the sixth form and at medical school opposed the Bible’s historical record and denied the serious weaknesses in evolutionary theory. He later found substantial evidence to support the Bible’s description of a young earth and a global flood.