We live in a bad news world filled with relentlessly disturbing headlines – war and crime, poverty and pandemics, racism and oppression, mass murder and disaster. And we all experience discouragement in our personal lives as well – temptation and regret, pain and suffering, failure and disappointment, decline and death. Though the world is overflowing with bad news, the message of Jesus is bigger and brighter than all of it, giving us hope in the midst of every negative experience of our lives. It’s always good news!

“An incredibly striking book, which revealed to me how I had imperceptibly ‘slipped’ into wrong thinking about sin, suffering, the Lordship of Jesus, God’s love and my expectations of Christian discipleship. I wholeheartedly recommend it as a spring clean to make sure you are living and breathing the right gospel.” Rico Tice, Author and Founder of Christianity Explored Ministries