Lion Storyteller Book of Family Values


Over 30 world stories with links to Bible verses and engaging discussion ideas



A practical, engaging resource about the moral, spiritual, and cultural values that shape our lives and society for families, children’s church groups and schools to share, explore, and respond with children together. Based on the successful and cherished stories from The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book and The Lion Storyteller Animal Tales by Bob Hartman, interactive elements work alongside the original stories to encourage children to think, engage, and make connections with their lives. Writing elements and questions relevant to school and family life encourage a shared reading and discussion experience for children with adults. Includes optional links to Bible references and pause moments to think about situations and others with God. Through these retelling of traditional and modern stories, the values explored include establishing good relationships, treating others well, perseverance, responding to bullying, team-working, and many other society and Christian values. Explore the setting, characters, and situation in these stories, thinking about how you would react in the same situation, and developing empathy and respect for others. There is an index list for the values covered in the stories for easy-to-use reference. A useful resource for school assemblies and PSHE lessons on relationships and citizenship, and to support parents, carers, church group leaders to share values with children.

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