Psalm 23 is probably the best-known and most-read passage in the Bible-a wonderfully reassuring picture of the believer’s life. Through it we learn that the Lord God Almighty is the faithful, heavenly Shepherd of His sheep- not only faithfully leading His sheep in life but also through the valley of the shadow of death and bringing them into His house, where He will dwell with them forever.

Reflecting on Psalm 23 verse by verse will help readers see how rich and privileged the believer’s life is as they learn how God is personally committed to protect and bring His people to be with Him in heaven.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Lord Loves His Sheep
  2. The Heavenly Shepherd Provides for His Sheep
  3. The Heavenly Shepherd Restores His Sheep
  4. The Heavenly Shepherd Leads His Sheep
  5. The Heavenly Shepherd Never Leaves His Sheep
  6. The Heavenly Shepherd Protects His Sheep
  7. The Heavenly Shepherd Leads His Sheep Safely Home