A significant new translation to meet a demand for the Scriptures in the language that is spoken today . The Scottish Bible Society has published this new version of John’s Gospel. Back in 1993 the eminent Gaelic scholar Professor Donald Meek wrote that “the distinction between ‘Bible Gaelic’ and ‘everyday Gaelic’ has become more marked with time, especially among younger Gaelic speakers, who tend to be less familiar with ‘pulpit Gaelic’ than their forebears.” If that was apparent then, it is even more so now. Just as John wrote his account of Jesus Christ in koiné (common) Greek and the Rev James Stuart offered it in Scottish Gaelic nearly 250 years ago, this fresh translation is aimed at that younger generation. It combines faithfulness to the Greek original with vocabulary in normal use, and clarity with dignity. This publication – the first part of a proposed New Testament – comes at a time of opportunity in the development of Gaelic. Ideal for private Bible study and for use in education, it will also be helpful to those learning the language. The A6 size is handy for pocket or handbag; the 108 pages include a foreword and a list of key terms and names