Young readers will know and love award-winning Christian children’s author and illustrator Andy Robb from books such as 50 Weirdest Bible Stories and Professor Bumblebrain’s Bonkers Book on Parables. But it’s Andy’s Amazing Agents of God series which has inspired The God Files – a children’s Bible for 7+ year olds. This colourfully presented Bible – in which each book is styled as a ‘file’ – will invite children into the story of Scripture by encouraging them to play their part as agents with a mission, inspired by the adventures and impact of the special agents they read about, such as Joseph, David, Esther and Mary.

In addition to the Agent Profiles, the Bible features a wealth of integrated extra content to help children explore faith, learn about God and to start them off on a lifetime of Bible reading. Each book of the Bible has an introduction that informs agents of the key facts about the file, such as ‘Where the action happened’, and ‘Agents to look out for’. In each book, there are encoded verses to decipher, jokes, ‘Undercover Investigations’, ‘Fascinating Facts’, ‘Agent Essentials’ and much more.

The Bible also contains thirty two full-colour pages, packed with everything a young reader will need to become an agent of God – info on key agent activities, such as prayer, reading the Bible and what to expect at church (or, your ‘Agent Outpost’, as The God Files calls it), testimonies from famous Christians of the past and present, and notes on worship, the trinity and heaven – all vibrantly illustrated.