Hallelujah, what a Saviour is a benediction, an ascription of praise to Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation the whole of Scripture calls us to worship.

This book expounds a range of passages, all of which focus upon the Saviour’s person and work from the first promise of His coming in Genesis 3 through the OT until His final exaltation and glorification at God’s right hand in the NT.

These themes are set out as 52 study passages, with added questions for reflections, discussion or response to the Lord. The studies are divided into 3 main sections;

The Saviour promised; The Saviour revealed; The Saviour known.

Can be read as a normal book or as a unique devotional programme encouraging you to focus upon one study each week. The individual studies conclude with five proposed responses for Monday through Friday.

Dr Hamilton Moore is a Baptist theologian and lecturer, who has worked in pastoral and evangelistic ministry since 1968. From 1990- 2010 he was Principal and NT tutor at the Irish Baptist College in Northern Ireland. He is Adjunct Professor at Emmanuel University, Oradea, Romania.