Who doesn’t love stickers?

Sparkly Sticker Bible: Storybook introduces children to some of the most important stories of the Bible in a fun, interactive way. Children aged 4 to 7 will enjoy reading the Bible stories and completing the colourful scenes with glittering stickers.
Get ready for hours of sparkly fun!

Children will love learning about key biblical stories as they have fun placing the stickers onto the illustrated scenes.

* A fun and interactive way to learn about stories from the Bible
* Large format sticker book
* A short Bible story accompanies each illustrated scene
* Bible references are included with every story
* Each scene has multiple stickers to find and place
* Glittering effects on every sticker make each scene sparkle
* Perfect gift idea
* Ideal resource for anyone working in a church or Sunday School setting
* Suitable for Sunday School prizes
* Perfect for parents of young children
* Suitable for children 4 to 7 years