Cadbury’s is a name known the world over.
Their chocolate is sold in nearly every continent. Yet, we rarely think of its small beginnings in Birmingham and the family behind that famous name. Many also do not know of the wonderful Christian faith of its early founders.
Helen was the daughter of Richard Cadbury, one of the pioneers of the company, and she has a fascinating story to tell, herself.

This book shares that story:

How, as a young girl, she started the successful, long-lasting, international work in the distribution of New Testaments.

How she married a famous, worldwide evangelist and coped with extensive world travel in the early 1900s to bring the gospel to many countries.
How she dealt with the trials that life brought, including the loss of two God-fearing husbands and her only child.
How, after losing her second husband, she remained a widow for over forty years and yet continued to serve God faithfully.

Helen Cadbury experienced all these and sought to live by her signature text of Romans 1:16: ‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation.’