The cross of Calvary is a scene of awful solemnity and blackness. Yet when we consider the words that Christ spoke from the cross, the deepening darkness does not exclude some clear, bright flashes of glorious grace.

Christ spoke seven times from the cross. This book consists of seven sermons preached by Rev Hugh M Cartwright (1943–2011), one on each of Christ’s seven sayings. These are full-length sermons, transcribed from audio recordings.

Mr Cartwright unfolds how the words of the Lord Jesus give us insights into what was happening at Calvary, highlighting Christ’s purpose in going to the cross, his grace in action, and what his sufferings achieved on behalf of his people. Mr Cartwright points consistently to the graciousness of the Lord Jesus in coming, suffering and dying, and drawing sinners to himself.

What a light the covenant of grace throws upon the cross of Calvary, when we see that cross, not as the emblem of defeat, but as the means whereby God was putting into effect the purposes of his grace!

136 pages.