What is the Church? Why does it need to exist, and why is it so important? In this important addition to the Good Portion series, Erin Wheeler unpacks what the Bible says about the Church and invites us to see the beauty of the Bride of Christ. She begins by ensuring that we understand what the Church is before turning our attention to the specific things that churches do.

This book not only ensures that our minds and hearts are filled with correct doctrine, but encourages us to take steps towards putting our understanding into practice.

Series Preface Introduction: It Doesn’t Matter Until It Does Part One: What Is the Church?

• God’s Idea: His Plan and Purpose for the Church

• A Roaring Fire: The Importance and Privilege of Church Membership

• A Gathering That Glorifies God: The Mission of the Church Part Two: What Does the Church Look Like?

• A Devotion to the Word: Preaching, Teaching, Reading, Singing, Praying

• A Visible Picture of the Invisible: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

• A Pursuit of Holiness: Church Unity and Discipline

• A Flock with a Job to Do: Congregationalism, Elders, and Deacons

• A Different Kind of Community: Life with One Another Conclusion: A Heavenly Gathering Selected Bibliography Scripture Index