Imagine yourself as a house under construction. What does it mean to develop as a follower of Jesus?

Jesus wants to remake us, from the ground up, to reconstruct us so that we become the people he had in mind. Christians are built on his firm foundation. But if we barely allow Jesus through the front door, it is no surprise that we are left wondering whether this really is as good as it gets.

Neil O’Boyle shows us what it means to open ourselves up, so that the light of Christ shines into the dark nooks and exposes the sagging rafters. In the living room, what are we watching? In the bathroom, do we take care of ourselves? In the privacy of our bedroom, what are we like? In the dining room, what are our guests doing? In the garden, will there be fruit? In the garden shed, what tools has Jesus given us?

Neil is National Director for British Youth for Christ. He has served as a missionary in Cyprus, the Arabian Gulf, Thailand and America. He is passionate about evangelism and has a wealth of experience as a leader and team builder. He and his wife Joy have four children.